Press Release for Hybrid Warfare and Transnational Threats (2011)

Hybrid Warfare and Transnational Threats, 2011 – Press Release

Contact: Ciri Fenzel

The Council for Emerging National Security Affairs (CENSA) Announces Its Publication of
Hybrid Warfare and Transnational Threats

Features Timely Insights on the Changing Face of Current International Conflicts from Leading National Security Experts Including Steven Biddle, Martin van Creveld, Sebastian Gorka, Frank Hoffman, Congressman Adam Smith and Others

WASHINGTON, D.C., Aug. 17, 2011 – The Council for Emerging National Security Affairs (CENSA), a leading non-partisan, non-profit research organization focused on national security policy, announces the publication Hybrid Warfare and Transnational Threats.

Hard hitting essays by national security luminaries, including Steven Biddle, Martin van Creveld, Sebastian Gorka, Frank Hoffman, Congressman Adam Smith as well as up and coming professionals, many of whom have been on the ground in Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia and other hotbeds of international conflict, examine the enormous national security implications of complex modern warfare.

While the expert insights and points-of-view in Hybrid Warfare and Transnational Threats often diverge, there’s one point on which they agree: As recently reinforced by Deputy Secretary of Defense William J. Lynn III, future wars will be longer, deadlier, more complicated and involve more diverse enemies than at any other point in history. Tackling these complexities head on, CENSA’s authors provide what Parag Khann, a senior research Fellow at the New American Foundation, calls “paradigm shifting” thinking on the serious policy implications for America’s national security.

James J. Wirtz, the Dean of the School of International Graduate Studies at the Naval Postgraduate School concurs: Hybrid Warfare and Transnational Threats offers “…compelling insights into the trends that are shaping today’s conflicts, developments that are too often ignored by military professionals.

Finally, in the words of David Kilcullen, an eminent expert on counterinsurgency and counterterrorism, “[This] book deserves to be read, studied and hotly debated by anyone engaged in today’s conflicts, and by all who think or write about war.”

Author interviews as well as complimentary hard copy and e-books are available on request for members of the media.


Founded in 1999, the Council for Emerging National Security Affairs (CENSA)is the eminent non-partisan, non-profit 501 (c)(3) research organization dedicated to enriching the national security debate with expert thought leadership and support for the next generation of foreign policy leaders. Parallel revolutions in information technology and military affairs, as well as fundamental changes in the geopolitical landscape, have set the stage for a host of new, increasingly complex future security challenges at the heart of CENSA’s mission. CENSA members include public sector foreign policy specialists, military officers, private sector professionals and accomplished academics.