Building foreign policy and national security leaders

The range of issues facing the international community today portends that the world’s security challenges will continue to grow more complex and more interdisciplinary. To effectively respond to these challenges, America and its allies must continue to expand their capacity to actively participate in policy formation and execution. The new issues we face today cut globally across private industry and our government. They challenge conventional institutions and conventional wisdom. It follows, therefore, that today’s issues require an engaged cadre of security professionals that is highly networked across disciplines and organizations, well versed and practiced in policy formation, and is capable of applying innovative solutions in multiple fields. Above all, government and private institutions alike require men and women who regularly contribute to the security dialogue.

An enormous opportunity exists for on-the-ground ambassadors who are capable of managing this change. This opportunity is best suited for professionals and practitioners who are focused on national security across the spectrum of government, business, the military, and academia. These men and women exhibit substantial experience and motivation. With greater education and direct access to other experts, they can make large and enduring contributions to the national security dialogue. Unfortunately, the current structure of the policy environment does little to support collaboration and information-sharing among practitioners, reducing the potential for rising professionals to make an effective impact before they become senior policy-makers.

The CENSA Mission

CENSA brings together experienced professionals and practitioners to identify and study future national security challenges and improve long term policymaking.