Welcome to CENSA’s new website!

I hope this letter finds you safe and healthy as we enter the fall of 2020. I know that many have been wondering what we have been up to this last year. I am pleased to finally show you the fruits of our labor after many frustrating delays throughout the COVID pandemic. To get you up to speed, despite several spectacular CENSA educational and networking events in 2019, the Board of Directors decided last year that we desired a better ability for CENSA to sponsor and host original content on our website as well as give members an easier ability to network and work together with our broad member base. 

Unfortunately, our previous website simply did not offer an easy means to change and host content in a cost-efficient manner. It also did not have the modern social networking tools that a new generation of public policy practitioners expected. This realization led us over the last year to find a web-development team to help us design a site that would be easily updated on a more frequent basis and allow us to connect members together like never before. I am excited to finally show you this new site where we believe we can make CENSA even greater than before to achieve our vision of establishing CENSA as an organization with wide-ranging intellectual capital that is capable of addressing rapidly emerging national security challenges. I want to particularly thank our CENSA Trustee, Mr. Cary Kochman, who generously funded CENSA’s website. Without his support none of this could have been possible.

Despite our hiatus from traditional events while we worked on this new site, we also began a new policy initiative that I’d like to unveil. Starting in the spring of 2019 we also began sponsoring around the country CENSA working groups. The idea of the CENSA working group is to bring together a small and diverse team of national security practitioners and academics to deliberate an emerging national security challenge and in a short and concise manner (2-3 pages) propose public policy recommendations for the larger national security community. Each working group is led by a mid-career working group leader who is also guided, assisted, and mentored by CENSA’s Board of Directors, Board of Advisors, and senior members. We are pleased to host some of these initial working group efforts on our site listed in the publication section.

We hope you take the time to explore our site – recognizing that this is a new digital marketplace for CENSA members to meet, collaborate, and publish their ideas and research.

If you would like to publish with CENSA, host a working group, or would like to learn more on how to engage and participate with CENSA please feel free to email me at william.denn@censa.net.

Respectfully yours,

William J. Denn
Chairman of the Board of Directors
Council for Emerging National Security Affairs