Crossroads Africa: Perspectives on US-China-Africa Security Affairs (2009)

Africa has a long history of being at the crossroads of great power competition. Rising interest in African oil and natural gas resources, China’s expanding engagement on the continent, and fears that failed states will provide sanctuary for terrorists have renewed the United States’ interest in Africa. This is in turn reflected by a U.S. foreign policy increasingly designed to secure energy resources, promote peace and development, and strengthen the U.S. military presence on the continent.

Crossroads Africa: Perspectives on U.S.-China-Africa Security Affairs explores U.S. foreign policy and security issues involving Africa and China, offering ways in which the new U.S. administration might prioritize what are often competing U.S. interests in Africa to achieve U.S. goals. The volume includes discussion and recommendations—from active practitioners working directly on these issues—related to the overall framework of U.S. security policy toward Africa, the nexus between U.S, Chinese and African interests, development issues, and U.S. military strategy.a

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Advance Praise for Crossroads Africa: Perspectives on US–China–Africa Security Affairs

This is an important volume at a critical time for U.S. Africa policy, which is indeed at a crossroads. CENSA has provided a volume that should be of interest to all students of U.S.-Africa security affairs.

— Walter Kansteiner, III, Former Assistant Secretary of State for Africa Affairs, Principal, The Scowcroft Group

Crossroads Africa is a timely volume that should be read by policymakers and scholars interested in the role of Africa in international security affairs in the coming decades. It provides a useful overview of important security issues for the United States and other great powers. With luck this volume will lead to further scholarship on these understudied issues and encourage new students and scholars to contribute to the field.

— Peter Dombrowski, Chair, Strategic Research Department, Naval War College

This is a path-breaking and ambitious study of a security problem which is sure to grow in importance in coming years. The contributors, an impressive group from a variety of backgrounds, bring fresh and creative perspectives to African security affairs. Policymakers, strategists and scholars will all find the study astute, thought provoking, and comprehensive.

— Steven Metz, Chairman: Regional Strategy, and Planning, U.S. Army War College Strategic Studies Institute