Beyond the Campaign: The Future of Countering Terrorism (2004)

Beyond the Campaign: The Future of Countering Terrorism analyzes a cross section of the issues faced by policymakers in the war on terrorism and provides important policy prescriptions.

This volume is unique in its collection of analysis from mid career professionals who are working full time ‘on the ground’ in their chosen professions, but who have taken the time to apply their professional expertise directly to scholarly analysis in mid-stream.

Divided into three sections, Beyond the Campaign addresses the role of diplomacy and perception in the war on terror; regional perspectives on terrorism; and long-term policy options. This volume contains insights on topics ranging from terrorist financing to WMD proliferation to terrorist activity in South America.

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Advance Praise for Beyond the Campaign

Countering terrorism is both more and less than a war. We are in it for the long haul, but we cannot win by military means alone. In this volume, a bright new generation of security experts explains how to combine military and economic aid, multilateral diplomacy, stemming financial flows, public diplomacy and soft power to meet one of the greatest challenges of out time.

— Joseph S. Nye, Jr., Dean of Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government and author of The Paradox of American Power

With 9/11, the threat of terrorism moved from a law and order problem to a national security issue. Beyond the Campaign examines the evolving terrorist threat and government response. As the chapters are from some of the best thinkers on national security, it is a must read for both the informed reader and the specialist

— Rohan Gunaratna, Author of Inside Al Qaeda: Global Network of Terror