American Strategy and Purpose (2014)

CENSA’s latest compendium by William Natter and Jason Brooks looks at the perennial questions surrounding America’s role in the world.

“American Strategy and Purpose” is designed to examine and address several perennial questions, such as: (1) What is — or should be — America’s role in the world? (2) What are American ideals and national interests? (3) What threats might exist to challenge and thwart the pursuit of such ideals and interests? (4) What opportunities exist and what strategy, policies, and programs should be pursued to advance these ideals and interests? “…scholars, strategists, and policymakers alike continue to search for a greater understanding about global affairs, for America’s position and role in them, and for an updated philosophical polestar to guide American action in the twenty first century. Yet just beneath the surface of this inspired quest is an American disposition tempered by the weighty experience of war, and weary from the burdens of leadership. This tension should bring to the fore several important questions for American leaders to consider: What is the nature of the moment within which America currently finds itself? What historical and social trends underlie its existence? What political forces and ideals (at home and abroad) shape its thinking and actions? What political, cultural, technological, and militant challenges currently exist around the globe? And finally, with respect to formulating a response and potential courses of action: what is the art of the possible?”

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