MARCH 5th 

Transnational Illicit Networks


Transnational Event

Featuring Chip Poncy, Michael Miklaucic, and Dr. Gary Shiffman; Moderated by Amy Zalman


Transnational illicit networks - from drug smugglers to human traffickers, organ harvesters, and terrorists-turned-criminals - are one of globalization's most damaging side effects, threatening human life, financial systems, and legitimate governance.  They are innovative and agile, and are all too often one step ahead of national governments and law enforcement.  Yet the costs are simply too high for government and business to ignore.





Reflections On and Concerns About Afghanistan on the Eve of a U.S. Draw Down


Afghanistan Event

Featuring Ahmad Wali Masoud; Moderated by Bill Natter


With only 14 months until the scheduled cessation of the U.S.-led NATO alliance's current mission in Afghanistan, planners and policymakers need to think about "what is next"? What factors must be in place for a sustainable peace? What conditions are present today? And what policies and plans should be -- or could be -- promoted in the near future to best position the nation for stability and prosperity? Ambassador Masoud will offer his unique insights into these challenges in the intimate setting of the Jackson Room at the 219 Restaurant.




MAY 28th 

The Conflict in Syria


Featuring Dr. Murhaf Jouejati; Moderated by Amy Zalman


Syrian-born international affairs expert Murhaf Jouejati will discuss and answer questions about the status of the conflict in Syria, its affect on Syrians from a geopolitical and humanitarian perspective, and options for United States' engagement going forward. Dr. Jouejati is a professor of Middle Eastern Studies at the National Defense University and Chairman of The Day After project, which advises the Syrian National Council about a post-Assad future.




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