CENSA has accomplished its mission and has been working to make its stated vision a reality for the past ten years by bringing its members together for a series of dinner and speaker events in major cities around the country, hosting a regular teleconference series on important security topics, and publishing member-driven books and research articles both in hard copy and online that are distributed to key members of the security community. In addition, CENSA is launching several initiatives to complement these goals, including an occasional paper series and policy newsletter, periodic events that focus on improving policy execution skills and enhancing member opportunitites for collaboration. CENSA has demonstrated a material market for its vision and ideas. This has been executed almost entirely with member dues and board member contributions. Our organization has helped to build and empower the next generation of foreign policy leaders through the following efforts:


  • Attracted a committed, active membership base of over 200 professionals
  • Developed a leadership structure with effective operating and project committees
  • Established a compelling website with content, media, and membership information

Research and Institutional Outreach

  • Published six major hardcopy books covering diverse topic areas with over 30 authors
  • Developed an online media center with over 50 articles and editorials
  • Established and ran educational and internship programs at three leading U.S. universities—Georgetown, Johns Hopkins, and Columbia

Activity and Events

  • Implemented a series of over 100 dinner events in three major cities: Washington, DC, New York, and London, as well as in 5 other cities across the globe
  • Created a recurring thematic teleconference series
  • Conducted six major member conferences with panels and leading keynote speakers such as Brent Scowcroft, Robert Gallucci, and Richard Clarke

Organizational Development and Fundraising

  • Developed a sustainable, long term governance structure
  • Completed work almost entirely through membership dues and board level contributions

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